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Medical Terminology: Abbreviations T-V

Medical abbreviations that begin with T-V are listed here.

Medical Abbreviations
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  • Abbreviation: T
    Meaning: thoracic vertebrae
  • Abbreviation: Tx
    Meaning: transplantation; traction
  • Abbreviation: TA
    Meaning: temporal arteritis
  • Abbreviation: T&A
    Meaning: tonsillectomy with adenoidectomy
  • Abbreviation: T&C
    Meaning: type and cross-match (see blood transfusion)
  • Abbreviation: Tab
    Meaning: Tablet (pharmacy)
  • Abbreviation: TAB
    Meaning: therapeutic abortion
  • Abbreviation: TAH
    Meaning: total abdominal hysterectomy
  • Abbreviation: TAH-BSO
    Meaning: total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
  • Abbreviation: TAP
    Meaning: trypsinogen activation peptide
  • Abbreviation: TAPVR
    Meaning: total anomalous pulmonary venous return
  • Abbreviation: TAT
    Meaning: thematic apperception test
  • Abbreviation: TB
    Meaning: tuberculosis
  • Abbreviation: TBC
    Meaning: tuberculosis; total body crunch
  • Abbreviation: TBG
    Meaning: thyroid binding globulin
  • Abbreviation: TBI
    Meaning: to be intubated; total body irradiation; traumatic brain injury
  • Abbreviation: TBLC
    Meaning: term birth living child
  • medical terminology abbreviations gauze roll
  • Abbreviation: TC
    Meaning: traffic crash
  • Abbreviation: TCA
    Meaning: tricyclic antidepressant
  • Abbreviation: TCC
    Meaning: transitional cell carcinoma
  • Abbreviation: TCM
    Meaning: traditional Chinese medicine
  • Abbreviation: TCN
    Meaning: tetracycline
  • Abbreviation: TCT
    Meaning: thrombin clotting time
  • Abbreviation: Td
    Meaning: tetanus and diphtheria (combined vaccination)
  • Abbreviation: TdP
    Meaning: Torsades de pointes
  • Abbreviation: t.d.s.
    Meaning: three times a day (from Latin ter die sumendus)
  • Abbreviation: TdT
    Meaning: terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
  • Abbreviation: TD
    Meaning: tardive dyskinesia
  • Abbreviation: TE
    Meaning: tracheoesophageal
  • Abbreviation: TEB
    Meaning: thoracic electrical bioimpedance (see impedance cardiography)
  • Abbreviation: TEC
    Meaning: transient erythroblastopenia of childhood
  • Abbreviation: TEE
    Meaning: transesophageal echocardiogram
  • Abbreviation: TEF
    Meaning: tracheoesophageal fistula
  • Abbreviation: TEM
    Meaning: transmission electron microscopy
  • Abbreviation: Temp
    Meaning: temperature
  • Abbreviation: TEN
    Meaning: toxic epidermal necrolysis
  • Abbreviation: TENS
    Meaning: transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator
  • Abbreviation: TERN
    Meaning: intern
  • Abbreviation: TF
    Meaning: transfer
  • Abbreviation: T/F
    Meaning: transfer
  • Abbreviation: TFTs
    Meaning: thyroid function tests
  • Abbreviation: TGA
    Meaning: transposition of the great arteries
  • Abbreviation: TG
    Meaning: triglycerides
  • Abbreviation: Tg
    Meaning: thyroglobulin
  • Abbreviation: TGF
    Meaning: tumor growth factor
  • Abbreviation: TGV
    Meaning: transposition of the great vessels
  • Abbreviation: T&H
    Meaning: type and hold (stay ready for blood transfusion)
  • Abbreviation: THR
    Meaning: total hip replacement
  • Abbreviation: TIA
    Meaning: transient ischemic attack
  • Abbreviation: TIBC
    Meaning: total iron binding capacity
  • Abbreviation: Tib-Fib
    Meaning: tibia and fibula
  • Abbreviation: t.i.d.
    Meaning: three times a day (from Latin ter in die)
  • Abbreviation: TIN
    Meaning: tubulointerstitial nephritis
  • Abbreviation: TIPS
    Meaning: transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt
  • Abbreviation: TKA
    Meaning: total knee arthoscopy
  • Abbreviation: TKO
    Meaning: to keep (vein) open for IV therapy
  • Abbreviation: TKR
    Meaning: total knee replacement
  • Abbreviation: TKVO
    Meaning: to keep vein open
  • Abbreviation: TLC
    Meaning: total lung capacity; tender loving care; total lymphocyte count
  • Abbreviation: TLR
    Meaning: tonic labyrinthine reflex
  • Abbreviation: TM
    Meaning: tympanic membrane
  • Abbreviation: TMB
    Meaning: "too many birthdays" (slang; said of a very frail elderly patient)
  • Abbreviation: TME
    Meaning: total mesorectal excision
  • Abbreviation: TNF
    Meaning: tumor necrosis factor
  • Abbreviation: TMJ
    Meaning: temporomandibular joint
  • Abbreviation: TNG
    Meaning: trinitroglycerin
  • Abbreviation: TNM
    Meaning: tumor-nodes-metastases
  • Abbreviation: TNTC
    Meaning: too numerous to count
  • Abbreviation: TOA
    Meaning: tuboovarian abscess
  • Abbreviation: TOD
    Meaning: transoesophageal Doppler
  • Abbreviation: TOE
    Meaning: transoesophageal echocardiogram
  • Abbreviation: TOF
    Meaning: tetralogy of Fallot
  • Abbreviation: TOP
    Meaning: termination of pregnancy
  • Abbreviation: TOT
    Meaning: transobturator tape
  • Abbreviation: TP
    Meaning: total protein
  • Abbreviation: TPa
    Meaning: tissue plasminogen activator
  • Abbreviation: TPN
    Meaning: total parenteral nutrition
  • Abbreviation: TPR
    Meaning: temperature, pulse, respiration
  • Abbreviation: TR
    Meaning: tricuspid regurgitation
  • Abbreviation: Tr
    Meaning: tincture
  • Abbreviation: TRAM
    Meaning: transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap (TRAM flap)
  • Abbreviation: TRAP
    Meaning: tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase
  • Abbreviation: TRF
    Meaning: transfer (pronounced "turf")
  • Abbreviation: TRF'd
    Meaning: transferred (pronounced "turfed", as in "We just turfed Mrs Johnson OTD")
  • Abbreviation: TRH
    Meaning: thyrotropin-releasing hormone
  • Abbreviation: TS
    Meaning: tricuspid stenosis
  • Abbreviation: Tsp
    Meaning: teaspoon (5 mL)
  • Abbreviation: TSH
    Meaning: thyroid stimulating hormone
  • Abbreviation: TSHR-Ab
    Meaning: thyrotropin-receptor antibody
  • Abbreviation: TSI
    Meaning: thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin
  • Abbreviation: T.S.T.H.
    Meaning: too sick to send home
  • Abbreviation: TT
    Meaning: thrombin time
  • Abbreviation: TTE
    Meaning: transthoracic echocardiogram
  • Abbreviation: TTN
    Meaning: transient tachypnea of the newborn
  • Abbreviation: TTO
    Meaning: to take out (medicines given to patient on discharge from hospital stay)
  • Abbreviation: TTP
    Meaning: thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura; tender to palpation
  • Abbreviation: TTR
    Meaning: transthyretin
  • Abbreviation: TTS
    Meaning: transdermal therapeutic system
  • Abbreviation: TTTS
    Meaning: twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
  • Abbreviation: Tu
    Meaning: tumor
  • Abbreviation: TUR
    Meaning: transurethral resection
  • Abbreviation: TURBT
    Meaning: transurethral resection of bladder tumor
  • Abbreviation: TURP
    Meaning: transurethral resection of the prostate
  • Abbreviation: TVH
    Meaning: transvaginal hysterectomy
  • Abbreviation: TVT
    Meaning: tension-free vaginal tape
  • Abbreviation: Tx
    Meaning: therapy; transplant; treatment


  • Abbreviation: UOSM
    Meaning: urine osmolality
  • Abbreviation: UA
    Meaning: urinalysis; unstable angina
  • Abbreviation: UBT
    Meaning: urea breath test
  • Abbreviation: UC
    Meaning: ulcerative colitis
  • Abbreviation: UCHD
    Meaning: usual childhood diseases (see list of childhood diseases)
  • Abbreviation: UD
    Meaning: as directed (from Latin ut dictum)
  • Abbreviation: UDS
    Meaning: urine drug screening
  • Abbreviation: UE
    Meaning: upper extremity
  • Abbreviation: U&E
    Meaning: urea and electrolytes (blood test) (for sodium and potassium, and often creatinine)
  • Abbreviation: UIP
    Meaning: usual interstitial pneumonitis
  • Abbreviation: UGI
    Meaning: upper gastrointestinal
  • Abbreviation: ULN
    Meaning: upper limit of normal
  • Abbreviation: UOP
    Meaning: urinary output
  • Abbreviation: Ung
    Meaning: ointment (from Latin unguentum)
  • Abbreviation: Unk
    Meaning: unknown
  • Abbreviation: UPJ
    Meaning: ureteropelvic junction (see pyeloplasty)
  • Abbreviation: URA
    Meaning: unilateral renal agenesis
  • Abbreviation: URI
    Meaning: upper respiratory infection
  • Abbreviation: URTI
    Meaning: upper respiratory tract infection
  • Abbreviation: US
    Meaning: ultrasonogram
  • Abbreviation: USG
    Meaning: ultrasonogram
  • Abbreviation: USO
    Meaning: unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
  • Abbreviation: USP
    Meaning: United States Pharmacopeia
  • Abbreviation: USR
    Meaning: unheated serum reagin
  • Abbreviation: USS
    Meaning: ultrasound scan
  • Abbreviation: UTI
    Meaning: urinary tract infection
  • Abbreviation: UUS
    Meaning: upper uterine segment
  • Abbreviation: UVAL
    Meaning: ultraviolet argon laser


  • Abbreviation: V
    Meaning: ventilation
  • Abbreviation: VA
    Meaning: visual acuity
  • Abbreviation: VAD
    Meaning: ventricular assist device; vincristine, adriblastine, dexamethasone
  • Abbreviation: Vag
    Meaning: vaginal
  • Abbreviation: VAMP
    Meaning: vesicle-associated membrane protein; vincristine, adriblastine, methylprednisone
  • Abbreviation: VAS
    Meaning: vibroacoustic stimulation; visual analog scale
  • Abbreviation: VB
    Meaning: vaginal birth
  • Abbreviation: VBAC
    Meaning: vaginal birth after caesarean
  • Abbreviation: VC
    Meaning: vital capacity
  • Abbreviation: VCTC
    Meaning: voluntary counselling and testing centers (for HIV—government centres in India)
  • Abbreviation: vCJD
    Meaning: variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
  • Abbreviation: VCUG
    Meaning: voiding cystourethrogram
  • Abbreviation: VD
    Meaning: vaginal delivery; venereal disease (outdated name for sexually transmitted disease); volume of distribution
  • Abbreviation: VDRF
    Meaning: ventilator-dependent respiratory failure
  • Abbreviation: VDRL
    Meaning: Venereal Diseases Research Laboratory (old test for syphilis)
  • Abbreviation: VE
    Meaning: vaginal examination (manual examination)
  • Abbreviation: VEE
    Meaning: Venezuelan equine encephalitis
  • Abbreviation: VEB
    Meaning: ventricular ectopic beat
  • Abbreviation: VF; V-fib
    Meaning: ventricular fibrillation
  • Abbreviation: VIN
    Meaning: vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia
  • Abbreviation: VIP
    Meaning: vasoactive intestinal peptide
  • Abbreviation: VLDL
    Meaning: very low density lipoprotein
  • Abbreviation: VMA
    Meaning: vanillylmandelic acid; violent mechanical asphyxia
  • Abbreviation: VNPI
    Meaning: Van Nuys prognostic scoring index (for ductal carcinoma)
  • Abbreviation: VO
    Meaning: verbal order
  • Abbreviation: VOD
    Meaning: volume of distribution
  • Abbreviation: VPA
    Meaning: valproic acid
  • Abbreviation: VPAP
    Meaning: variable positive airway pressure
  • Abbreviation: VPB
    Meaning: ventricular premature beats (see premature ventricular contraction)
  • Abbreviation: VPC (PVC)
    Meaning: ventricular premature contraction
  • Abbreviation: V/Q
    Meaning: ventilation/perfusion scan
  • Abbreviation: VRE
    Meaning: vancomycin-resistant enterococcus
  • Abbreviation: VRSA
    Meaning: vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • Abbreviation: VS
    Meaning: vital signs
  • Abbreviation: VSD
    Meaning: ventricular septal defect
  • Abbreviation: VSR
    Meaning: ventricular septal rupture (see myocardial rupture)
  • Abbreviation: VSS
    Meaning: vital signs stable
  • Abbreviation: VT
    Meaning: ventricular tachycardia; verotoxin
  • Abbreviation: VTE
    Meaning: venous thromboembolism
  • Abbreviation: VTEC
    Meaning: verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli, also known as enterohaemorrhagic E. coli
  • Abbreviation: VUR
    Meaning: vesicoureteral reflux
  • Abbreviation: VWD
    Meaning: ventral wall defect; Von Willebrand disease
  • Abbreviation: VWF
    Meaning: Von Willebrand factor
  • Abbreviation: VZIG
    Meaning: varicella zoster immune globulin
  • Abbreviation: VZV
    Meaning: varicella zoster virus

Medical Abbreviations
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Medical Coding

Medical coding is dependent upon a solid understanding of medical terminology.

To be successful and accurate medical coders must have a solid understanding of common medical terms for various reasons which include:

  • Reading and understanding medical dictation
  • Proper code look up and selection
  • Communicating with physicians, insurance companies, and other medical professionals
  • Understanding human anatomy
  • Appealing claim denials


Medical abbreviations are used all the time in hospitals, clinics and various health institutions.

Many of these abbreviations are well-known and in use outside medical settings, but different institutions can develop internal abbreviations that aren't generally recognized.

Medical abbreviations are used to save time when diagnosing and writing charts. We've tried to put together an exhaustive list of the ones that are in general use.

Consider Context

If you encounter an abbreviation that could have two or more conflicting meanings, always consider the context.

Consider the abbreviation VD. In one context it's short for venereal disease, although that's really outdated. It's preferable to use STD, or sexually transmitted disease if that's what is meant. But in another setting it stands for volume of distribution which is something else entirely.

Abbreviation Example


The medical abbreviation Unk means unknown.

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