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The product (a practice exam pdf bundle with study guide) is selling for $37 and with 60% you will make around $20 per sale. The exact amount varies a bit depending on if the customer pays with debit card, credit card or paypal. But it's within a few pennies of $20 per sale.

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395 x 448 - eBook Cover Bundle

PPC, or pay per click, is an area that can be extremely lucrative. This is because you can have pin point control on your spending and track exactly which keywords convert and at which rate. If you, for example, are bidding $0.80 / click on the keyword "medical coding exam" and find that one click out of twelve turns into a buyer, you are spending $9.60 to generate a sale of $20. Once you know that, you are in an excellent position to profit. Here's what I would try to do in a case like that:

Raise your bid

What is your ad's position for "medical coding exam"? If it's in position 4 you should raise your bid to get it to position 2 or 3. Then track the results from that, and see how it affects your earnings. Increasing your bid should lead to improve your ad's position should lead to more traffic and more earnings. Your ROI as a percentage of what you spend may go down slightly, but your overall earnings should go up.

Lower your bid

You could also try to lower your bid slightly, and see if you still get the same amount of traffic. Sometimes you have a case where the top bids for a keyword are something like:
$0.80 <---- YOU
If this is the case (and you won't know until you alter your bid a bit, Google won't tell you) you're not going to see any significant increase in ad position or traffic by raising your bid unless you raise it above your competitors. But you could safely lower your bid to $0.30 and still be number 4, and get the same amount of traffic that you did at $0.80.

Write more ads

Add a few more text ads to the ad group. It's weird sometimes how a single word can increase click-through rates like you wouldn't believe. And with high click-through rates (CTR) you'll actually end up paying less per click than your competitors! Google will automatically pick the ads that are generating the best response for you, so make sure to continually add more ads to split test between.

Keywords for CPC
Keyword List 1
Keyword List 2
Keyword List 3
Keyword List 4

Ad 1
Ad 2
Ad 3
Ad 4

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