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What is ICD-10?
Well, way back in 1993 the WHO implemented the ICD-10 to replace the ICD-9 coding system which actually dates back to the 1970's. Most developed countries in the world have switched to the ICD-10 years ago, except - wait for it - the United States!

So why do we even need to switch to the ICD-10?
If you're at all familiar with the ICD-9 coding system you will have noticed a number of problems with it. Mainly, it's run out of room. Under ICD-9, each three-digit category is only allowed to have ten subcategories. Since many categories already have a full set of diagnoses assigned already there are no numbers to assign to new diagnoses as medical science progresses.

Wait, I have more questions!
No problem. Take a look at the chart below, and share it with others! You can also go to AAPC's site, where they have loads of info on ICD-10 and other medical coding issues.


ICD-9 to ICD-10

The ICD-9-CM Volumes I,II, and III will become two new books in 2014.

The ICD-10-CM will be replacing the ICD-9-CM Volumes I and II. The ICD-10-PS will be replacing the ICD-9-CM Volume III.

icd-10 medical coding charts

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