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Submitting AAPC CEUs

submittingaapcceusonline The process for tracking and submitting AAPC CEUs has been simplified. CEUs are now tracked electronically by using the CEU tracker in the member's area on the AAPC's website.

All AAPC members should have a member user name and password. Members should click on the "Login/Join" tab located at the far right side of the nav bar and enter their log in information where prompted. Once members are logged in the "CEU Tracker" will appear on the left hand side of the page.

The CEU tracker is labeled "CEU Tracker" and has a white box beneath it's label. To the right of the white box is a green button labeled "add". Beneath the white box the CEU tracker has several pieces of information:

~The number of CEUs due and the date they are due
~A link labeled "Add CEUs"
~ A link labeled "Earn CEUs"

Submitting AAPC CEUs can be accomplished two ways using the CEU tracker. Fist, individuals may enter their CEU index number into the white box and click the green "add" button. This process takes only a few seconds and as long as the index number is entered correctly. Once you have added the index number a screen will appear with the information from that event. Read the information and ensure it was the even you attended. At the bottom of the screen it will ask you for the date of this event. This date should be listed on your certificate of completion. Filling in the correct date and clicking ok are the final steps in this process. As long as all of the correct information is entered the CEUs will be accredited to the member's account.

The second way to submit AAPC CEUs is to click on the "Add CEUs" link at the bottom of the CEU tracker. The page that appears after clicking this link will state that you have not added any CEUs yet and will provide another "Add CEUs" button. Click the "Add CEUs" button and you will be lead to another page which asks you if you have a CEU index number.

If you have a CEU index number simply click the "yes" radio button, enter the index number into the white box, and click the verify button. If you do not have a CEU index number then click the "no" radio button and several other questions will appear, including:

~ Credit Type (Seminar, Audio Conference, ect.)- Here you will be given a drop down box and will be prompted to select one option.

~ Company / Sponsor/ Presenter - You will need to fill out one of these three options by typing the information into the box provided (if available)

~ Title of Course / Publication - You will need to fill out one of these two options by typing the information into the box provided

~ Date - Enter or select the date in mm/dd/yyyy format

~ Instructor / Publisher - You will need to fill out one of these two options by typing the information into the box provided (if available)

~ Index / Catalog Number - You will need to fill out one of these two pieces of information by typing into the box provided(if available)

~ Number of CEU Credits - This piece of information will need to be provided by typing the information into the white box that is provided.

Next, click the "Save" button. This request for CEU validation will be submitted to the AAPC, reviewed, and the response (credited or rejected, and the number of CEU awarded if any) will be given through the CEU tracker upon completion.

AAPC CEU Index Numbers

The AAPC uses CEU index numbers as a way to track their approved CEUs. These index numbers are most commonly assigned to pre-approved material prior to being offered to AAPC members.

When attending an event such as a seminar or local chapter meeting a certificate of completion should be given out following the event.

Certificate should include information such as the date of the presentation, the subject covered, name of the event or presenter, and the CEU Index number.

The CEU index number can be numeric or alpha-numeric in nature and will vary in length. Certificates must also be signed by an approved AAPC officer.

CEU Tracker Benefits

Submitting AAPC CEUs through the CEU tracker is very beneficial. By using this tool regularly coders will always be aware of how many CEUs they have earned, how many they need to earn, and how much time they have until their CEUs are due.

The CEU tracker also enables it's members to stay informed regarding index number issues. For instance, if a member is given a CEU index number but the number on the certificate is incorrect the CEU tracker will not accept the index number or credit the member with their CEUs. This should prompt the member to enter the secondary information from the certificate to the AAPC for validation.

By using the CEU tracker any issue that arises can be addressed well before the CEU due date. Tracking CEUs monthly instead of every two years also makes it easier and quicker to resolve any issues.


While the CEU tracker provides several benefits to it's members it is still necessary for all coders to maintain either a paper or electronic copy of their certificates and/or educational material that is provided during CEU earning events in case of a CEU audit.

The AAPC may also use items such as sign in sheets to verify the attendance of it's members for certain events. It is the member's responsibility to locate and sign attendance sheets when attending an event. It also the responsibility of the member to ensure they receive any certificates of completion at the end of an event.

If a certificate is given with an incorrect CEU index number members can either contact the event coordinator, the AAPC, or try submitting AAPC CEUs through the CEU tracker by using the secondary information on the certificate instead of using the index number.

CEU Audits

CEU audits are performed on 25% of all AAPC members.

Members are chosen at random and will be informed if they have been selected for audit.

It is important that members retain records such as certificates of completions and educational material provided at CEU earning events in case of an audit.


CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. CEUs are typically required once a billing or coding certification is obtained.

If CEUs are not maintained individuals may loose any credential or certification they have earned. In order to reinstate a lost credential individuals are usually required to re-take the examination.

Most CEUs are cheap and simple to obtain, and preferred over taking the certification exams multiple times.... (more)

CEU Earning Dates

CEUs cannot be earned by individuals who hold an AAPC membership until they have earned a coding credential.

Any CEU index number that is attached to a date prior to the credential's anniversary date will not be accepted by the AAPC.

This also includes issues of the Edge Blast and Coding Edge with publication dates prior to the coder's anniversary date.


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