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Certified Professional Coding Instructor (CPC-I)

certifiedprofessionalcodinginstructor The Certified Professional Coding Instructor (CPC-I) credential is offered through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

This credential is awarded to individuals who have gone through a rigorous education and training program. Those holding this credential are authorized by the AAPC to teach medical coding to others.

The AAPC has an approved medical coding course they have put together to train individuals and prepare them for the CPC examination. This course is called the Professional Medical Coding Course (PMCC) and only a CPC-I is authorized to use it.

To become a CPC-I you must be a current AAPC member in good standing, currently hold both a CPC and a CPC-H credential, and have a minimum of 5 years of coding experience (2 years CPC experience and 3 years CPC-H experience). Once all of these requirements are met individuals may submit an application requesting to take the PMCC Instructor workshop.

The PMCC workshop is a five week online interactive. After passing the course all individuals must sit for and pass a 50 question examination at an approved site and give an oral 15 minute presentation. Each requirement must be met and passed in order to be awarded the CPC-I credential.

Certified Professional Coding Instructors are authorized to uses the PMCC curriculum independently or incorporated into an existing course of study. Those incorporating the curriculum may be added on to the existing institute's license. Individuals wishing to teach the PMCC curriculum independently must acquire their own license through the AAPC by purchasing it.

In addition to the information, software, and resources that accompany the CPC-I credential individuals will also find new career advancement opportunities available to them.

CPC-I Salary

Certified professional coding instructors hold the higher end of the salary average among medical coders.

In 2009 the national average was between $68,593 - $83,802.

Many CPC-I holders choose to be entrepreneurs, however, they have many other career options available to them.

Career Options

  • Instructor
  • Independent educator
  • Seminar speaker
  • Consultant
  • Continuing education, HR
  • Entrepreneur

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